Privacy policy

Privacy policies are created to better protect customers' personal information while using our services. It is also a necessary responsibility when customers have trusted to use our services.

We need your personal information to perform the activities as:

Our next job is to protect that important information. We scan for security holes and use continuous malware scanning to avoid unnecessary problems. In addition, your personal information is contained in secure pages and very few people have access to it except for special people on our side. At the same time your information is also encrypted through secure gateway layer technology.

We do offer third-party products or services on our website, but these sites will also have their own independent privacy policies. If you have any problems with the third site we will not be responsible, but your negative feedback about the third site on our website will be taken into consideration. even do not cooperate anymore if there are many incidents.

For cases where children under 13 years old use our website, we will ask parents or guardians to control because we do not want unfortunate incidents to happen to small children under the age of legal age. It is also our responsibility to protect the privacy and safety of children on the internet.

Restrictions about children’s personal information

We do not encourage children under 13 years old to use our website. We also recommend parents or guardians restrict and supervise their children’s behavior on the internet. We will try reasonable efforts to protect the personal information of children under 13. We also comply with the law not to sell personal data of children from 13-16 years of age.