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Compact power – Nissin’s i60A flash

Photokina 2016 was an opportunity for me to have a look at Nissin’s new i60A flash unit. This is a high GN (60 ISO 200/200mm) fully-featured bounce/tilt flash unit that is unusually compact and low profile. It’s also designed for remote control and is compatible with Nissin’s own Air 1 radio commander as well as Olympus’ Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds R-series optical remote control system.

The design is targetted squarely at compact mirrorless system camera users. Its low profile design makes it less unwieldy than a conventional high-output hot-shoe flash unity on a small camera body. Cleverly, some of the innards normally contained in the main body has been relocated to the tilt/swivel head. This is longer than a conventional flash but the overall presentation is lower in profile and centre of gravity.

Four AA batteries are still accommodated though external power can also be attached. There is a front power-adjustable video light and on the back you can find a dial controls and colour LCD status display. Besides dedicated remote receiver capabilities, a simple flash slave trigger is also incorporated.

The Nissin i60A is available for Nikon, Canon, Olympus/Panasonic, Sony and Fujifilm dedicated flash shoes. Availability is said to be imminent.

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