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BenVista releases PhotoZoom Pro 7 image resizing software

Press release issued by BenVista:


ARNHEM – November 17, 2016 – Today BenVista announced the release of their new image resizing software PhotoZoom Pro 7, available for Mac and Windows.

Based on their in-house developed S-Spline Max image resize technology, BenVista claims that PhotoZoom Pro is the world’s #1 solution for enlarging (and downsizing) photos and graphics. In version 7 the S-Spline Max algorithm is enhanced with new filters to improve image quality.

“PhotoZoom Pro’s core strength is its capability to preserve sharpness and detail during enlargement like no other,” said Dimitri Schoolwerth, CEO at BenVista. “But what if all you have is a low quality original? PhotoZoom Pro 7 introduces additional tools to not only preserve, but also improve image quality during enlargement. It can remove noise, reduce JPEG artifacts, fix overexposure, brighten unwanted shadows, and enhance image vividness. Now even low quality originals can be enlarged successfully, all in one simple step.”

PhotoZoom Pro 7 works both as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (Elements) and Corel products. New to version 7 is that it now also fully integrates with Adobe Lightroom.

Other additions in version 7 are the option to print directly from PhotoZoom, faster image processing, and new presets for resizing different types of photos and graphics.

Besides PhotoZoom Pro 7, BenVista also announced the release of PhotoZoom Classic 7 today.

Compared to the Pro version, PhotoZoom Classic 7 offers a more limited selection of features intended for home users and is priced considerably lower.

Demo versions of both PhotoZoom Pro 7 and PhotoZoom Classic 7 can be downloaded directly from the BenVista website: www.benvista.com.

Upgrade options are available for existing PhotoZoom users.

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